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Make sure you take a look at these other amazing groups where you can find help, tips and feedback as well as meeting other like-minded users in a friendly environment.

Welcome Along

Welcome to DAZCreativeContests!

Our Purpose
This group is devoted to 3D artwork created with DAZ Studio and Poser with a focus on theme-based images, learning, creativity and fun! In addition to helping towards increasing traffic to your profile and work, it will also serve as a place to meet like-minded users and give you the chance to win prizes such as gift certificates for DAZ and Renderosity, prints of winning art work and premium memberships here on dA.

Fun, Learning, Critique
These are the three things that drive this group. We want our members to feel welcomed by other like-minded people and feel equal amongst your peers. We want to provide a place where you can post your work for honest advice, critique and get the help you need to improve your artwork. Our contests are a great way to move out of your normal routine and work to a theme for a chance to win yourself some nice prizes!

Please consult the Rules before submitting your application or work to the group. Failure to adhere to those rules may result in your work being declined or a possible ban from the group.

:bulletred:The group rules can be found here dazcreativecontests.deviantart…

Once you have read them you can proceed with your application to the group.

Contest Galleries
Every month we have a new theme. The current monthly contest gallery is titled with the name of the month. Other contest galleries will be named after their contest title. Once a contest has been displayed for two weeks past the closing date, the entries will be moved into the Past Contests Entries gallery.

:bulletred:If you are planning on entering our competitions then please read these basic rules and information on how contests will be run. dazcreativecontests.deviantart…

Critiques Section
A section will be created for artist desiring critiques, feedback, advice or a little extra knowledge to improve their artwork and skill base. Submitting a picture to this folder will indicate to the other group members and contributors that a critique is requested.

:bulletred:More details about the Critiques Section can be found here dazcreativecontests.deviantart…

We hope you will join us and enjoy your time here at DAZCreativeContests!
Blame me .. 'twas I who was tardy and indolent and generally all round lazy ...!
On the plus side we still have more than half of the month left so we're doing better than we have in the past, in some months! ;)

Now, your lovely admin have metaphorically put our heads together and had a good old snooze, er commune ... yeah, we communed like it was going out of fashion ... couldn't see the stacks of ZZZZZs for all the communin' goin' on.  Honest!  And after all that, suitably refreshed, we spring forward and lay before you the fruits of our slumbers, er labours ...

The shortlist is, in no particular order:

Sirene Sirene by Agr1on by :iconagr1on:
Dropdream Dropdream by EbruKash by :iconebrukash:
Silver Surfer - No Postwork Silver Surfer - No Postwork by Mysterio2013 by :iconmysterio2013:
Midnight snack Midnight snack by Silvinx by :iconsilvinx:
Zavya Market Zavya Market by 0Snow-White0 by :icon0snow-white0:

Vote by #DAZCreativeContests members only, and voting to close midnight (UK time) on Tuesday 22nd April.

Winner will, as always, get an item (or items) from the RuntimeDNA staore to the value of $15 (bundles and AeonSoul items excluded).
More Journal Entries

Group Submissions

:bulletred:Important:bulletred: Please remember to post any work too this months submissions folder so it can be considered for our Image of the Month and your chance of winning a $15 GC supplied by the lovely people at RDNA. Once the winner has been decided we will move your work to it's correct category for you. Aren't we nice?

Good luck and keep those submisisons coming :D

Inspiration Challenges and Journey of a Lifetime

As well as our normal regular constest, we have a few things hidden in our huge stack of journals that are often missed. Make sure you check them out if you ever need a little inspiration or fancy sinking your teeth into a project to complete in your own time to bag some goodies.

Now and Then : dazcreativecontests.deviantart…
Journey of a Lifetime : dazcreativecontests.deviantart…

Current Events

:bulletred:Failympics It's all about cheat to win, epic fails and a lack of sportsmanship in the Failympics! Check out the journal post for full details dazcreativecontests.deviantart…

Countdown to The Failympics Deadline

Countdown ended
Friday, August 31st @ 3:59pm

Thanks for joining in with the Failympics, we hope you didn't get to many injuries along the way! Keep those eyes peeled for results.





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Mysterio2013 Mar 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much for accepting my picture "Character Test 001". Truly appreciatted! Greetings! :salute:
Mysterio2013 Feb 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much for accepting my image "Witch" in your group. Much appreciatted! Greetings!
deslea Jan 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi - I'd like to submit a mature content piece, which I think should go in Naughty Or Nice. However, when I try to submit it, I don't have that folder directly. I didn't want to submit it to January Submissions without checking first. Or am I missing a way to put it straight into Naughty or Nice? Thanks and sorry if I've missed something obvious.
Submissions all go in the current Monthly gallery (the Juanuary one for now).  Once the month is over and the Image of the Month has been voted upon we, the admin, move the images over to a more correct gallery.
Just be sure you have the Mature flag set.
deslea Jan 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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